How to wear timeless denim jackets

by - September 10, 2017

For the first time in my blog's history, I'm bringing my love for fashion as a content feature. I always believe being stylish does not just stop at living spaces (interior design) and food. I support at the idea of looking good in all aspect of one's life, because personal style is as important as home style. 

So, I have been tracking down a pair of jackets... my search has just ended today with some of the wonderful piece of women jackets from Zalora Malaysia. There are so many ready to wear women jackets that could make their way to my wardrobe. Smart suiting, lots of colour tones. But my most favourite has to be that denim jacket. Love it so much! With the movement of the 70's coming back, we are seeing more and more denim worn on top rather than just on the bottom. It can be paired with almost anything, making it a must-have piece.

"The first key to styling a denim jacket is to find a great jacket." So, here is a round up looks of denim jackets to hopefully inspire your decision.

I like to have a few different ones in my closet, varying both in washes and styles. But a classic denim jacket has been an essential part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. I cannot imagine trying to dress without it... This is my all-time favourite denim jacket, and the perfect outfit is to go country! I know, not everyone is a fan of dressing like a cowgirl, but there is a really stylish way to pull this look off. Try wearing a pair of high-waisted denim skinny jeans, with your clean white sneakers, and adding a plain white t-shirt. You will not disappoint yourself or your friends when they see you. 

Front button fastening with chest patch pockets and side insert pockets, perfect during those cooler days

I don't get excited about clothing pieces very easily. A piece has to be very special to find a lasting place in my fashion heart. So why is it then that I fell madly in love with this oversized denim jacket? It reflects the essence of my character - adventurous, uncomplicated, a little boyish and incredibly cool... just like me ;) It is one of those clothing pieces that I can wear feeling 100% like the real Nisa. To be honest, I've been searching for the perfect ones for ages. So I was beyond excited when I found one at the women jackets section at Zalora Malaysia. Curious about the best way to style an oversized denim jacket? Just roll up the sleeves and experiment with it - wearing it off your shoulders or in place of a top, like your fashion girl, Rihanna. The sky is the limit. The oversized look makes this easy outfit a little more interesting. Just go for casual over a sweatshirt and a button down, with a big comfy scarf, skinny black jean, add a novelty bag or a backpack, and you're good to go!

Keep things super basic by wearing your jacket over a white tee

Embroidery and/or embellished denim jackets are a definite must have. There has never been a better time to inject some flamboyance and colour to usher in the new warmer months. Wear them for vacation, hit the festivals, anywhere... injecting colours and pattern will excite any wardrobe and give new dimension to your style. I suggest a footwear in patterned designs or a pair of stiletto pumps to pair with your jacket - it will be fun and not an overkill.

Add patches to your denim jacket to create a new feel

So, what sort of jackets person are you? Hope you guys will find inspirations with my feature. Zalora Malaysia should be a platform to express who you are and what you love. So, if you don't have one that you're absolutely obsessed with, get one now at women jackets at Zalora. If you already have a classic one, try changing it up with a distressed one, a moto style one, or an embellished one. Several of these are on sale, but regardless, they are all great price points. So what are you waiting for? Go spruce up and style yourself today!

Images from Zalora Malaysia and Style Slicker

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  1. yg purple colour tu cantik..nmpk elegan..

  2. denim/jeans ni memang evergreen. dari sekolah rendah, sampai sekarang dah kerja, still ramai je yg suka pakai jeans. senang matching & sesuai je pergi mana2

  3. Nice tips. I like denim jackets because they keep you warm without looking like you jst came from the gym. instead of wearing hoodies.

  4. Aww... thanks for the beauty tips as it does helps me a lot since I'm a fashion noobie ^.^''Will learn the basic by wearing the denim over a white tee *jotting down notes

  5. I into denim too. I crazy about denim cloth n dress.

  6. Loved these collections. Will check them out at KL airport on my transit!

  7. Denim jackets can never go wrong. I like the last one but won't be able to match easily.

  8. Denims can be teamed with nearly everything. I love the one with sequins though. Cheers!!

  9. totally agree with you that personal style is important too! And i'm a big fans of denim, it rocks forever!

  10. I recently just bought one denim from Taobao! I love the pearl design denim jacket looks really stylish!